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Click on the button below for a list of members who are currently authorized to instruct in Club Aircraft.


     1. Club Aircraft may only be used for flight instruction by Club Approved        Flight  Instructors to train Club Members, and their immediate family        members to  participate in a “right seat” or similar course.

2. Flight Instruction is any activity where any member of the flight crew records  flight time in a Pilot's logbook under a category such a "Dual Time" or "Dual  Instruction Received".

3. The Board may approve those Members who hold FAA CFI or CFII ratings to  be Club Approved Flight Instructor based on criteria that it will from time to  time establish.

4. The current criteria for approval to be a Club Approved Flight Instructor are to:

  a. be currently certified by the FAA as a CFI or CFII, and hold a current  applicable medical certificate.


  b. have liability insurance in effect to cover Flight Instructor activities.

      c. conduct himself/herself in a manner that engenders confidence on the          part of the Board in the applicants abilities to safely train club members          in Club Aircraft.

  d. Be a member in good standing.

  e. be authorized as a "Provider" at Page Field by the Lee County Port   Authority.