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How to get your personal ID & Password

The information on your membership application is entered into your Schedule Master record.  All users are blocked from changing their Schedule Master Passwords.  The Schedule Master Password will also be used as the door lock code for a room at 605 Danley Dr. When we get one (Plane keys, Patrol equipment, etc. Will be stored there).  By insuring that the code remains the same for all accesses, it will be possible for anyone that forgets their code to go to Schedule Master and retrieve their code.  To retrieve the code should you forget it, go to and click on the highlited word “here” to get to the sign in screen, [NOTE: If you have checked the “Remember my ID & Password” you will be automatically signed on, in that case select the "Logout" in the upper right hand corner.   On the screen that comes up click on the "Click here to remove auto login" and the Login screen will be displayed] in the yellow “Don't remember your PIN?” section enter the E-mail address you provided on your application or the latest one you have updated and click on “Email my PIN to me” your login information will be sent to you. You will receive your Schedule Master “Username” and the “PIN” to use when signing onto Schedule Master.   

Members that had previously changed their Schedule Master Password to an alpha or alpha numeric password may continue to use the codes they are currently using.  Should they forget a code and require assistance with any of the codes, the codes will all be changed to all numeric and from that point on they will be able to retrieve their codes using the process described above.  

Members that want a different all numeric code than the one provided may use the “Contact Us” tab of the club website to request a code change.  Anyone making this request will need to use their old codes until they no longer work, at that time the new requested codes should work.  The Schedule Master code can be changed online, but the lock code requires a trip to the physical lock for the change to take effect, so the door code change may lag behind the other.