Sundowners is a term used to identify a member of either club Home Two Clubs In One Get Your ID & Password

The “Member Area” of this site contains:

Patrol Schedules

Regular Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Financial Reports

How to videos

And more

You will have to login to access these documents.  The Login information is below.

User Name = “Patrol” or “Pilot” (same password for both)

Password = (The Gate Code plus “0”{Zero}) “#NNNN0”  

The actual Gate Code can be found by signing on to “” and clicking on

“Contact The Sundowners, Inc” at the bottom left of any page.


Security is very important, as there have been some violations in the past. Our new gate code is only valid for our gate. Please do not share this with non-Sundowner members, friends or relatives. Meet them at the gate if they have to come in and above all, do not allow anyone who is not familiar with airport driving rules, to drive onto the airport.  Be sure to watch until the gate has closed behind you before you proceed coming and going.

We don't want to hear of a violation that leads back to us.

If you do not know how to sign on to Schedule Master, click the blue button at the bottom of this page for instructions.

Member Area