Sundowners is a term used to identify a member of either club Home Two Clubs In One

The Sundowners, Inc. had its beginnings in Lee County, Florida in November 1965.  The seven original members formed a flying club for the usual reason… to share expenses.  Because they were also boaters, they decided to provide a needed community service of a boat search  patrol along one hundred twenty miles of Lee County coastline.  The club’s first patrols were flown in leased aircraft.  The Sundown Patrol of Lee County, Inc. was formed when the pilots’ club needed additional help observing.  The observers’ group comprises the majority of The Sundown Patrol.  Our aircraft are still provided by Sundowners, Inc., the original pilots club.

The Sundown Patrol flies the patrol route searching for boaters in distress.  Patrols are added as needed.  The Sundown Patrol also flies specific search missions in response to requests from the U. S. Coast Guard, law enforcement agencies, community and citizens groups and individuals.

The Sundown Patrol of Lee County Inc., a non-profit organization, receives no government support or funds.  Observer dues, the voluntary contributions of individual boaters, civic, fraternal and business organizations fund the operations.  The pilots of Sundowners Inc. donate their time to fly the patrol.  Observers donate their time as members of the crew and also pay monthly dues to help support the patrol.

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